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  1. Comment se fait-il que votre réponse ait disparue ATC? C’est effectivement une véritable guerre qui se joue entre vous et cette censure abeitanre!!Mars tout de même, quelle tristesse cette dure vérité qui vient briser les -fragiles- idéaux du crétin de naïf conformiste que je suis… Je suis sûr qu’au fond de vous-même vous savez que cela n’en est pas une (Hobbes était peut-être un peu aveuglé par la peur après tout).

  2. J’en ai soupé? (saoûl-pet) Rhoooo ça va hein, pas ma faute si j’suis toujours pas bien réveillée ? cette heure, et si mon esprit malade me souffle de telles idées et ne m’empêche pas de les dire "? voix haute"… (J’précise quand même que j’ai lu les commentaires hein, "j’en ai plein les fefesses" c’est vrai que c’est plus pertinent, tout compte fait.)

  3. I am so happy to see there is grass fed cows so close here in Olympia. It is very hard to find any meat that hasnt been pumped full of hormones and fillers. I have 4 children and I want to know what they are eating. Good luck with your company. I know it will thrive. Healthy is always the way to go!

  4. Jake, One thing I like a lot from your examples is that you take time to explain your design without either seeming condescending nor defensive. I also appreciate it that you can admit to design weaknesses (such as the Judwans’ original mechanics) and be humble enough to confess it to the merciless Internet crowd and still manage to seek to better your rules doing so. It’s a good, constructive, positive attitude that I really enjoy reading.

  5. la construction des mosquées en France est bel et bien subventionnée par l’état français qui par ailleurs refuse une subvention pour économie d’énergie (panneaux solaires) à un monastère boudhiste

  6. Claro, a eso me refiero. Se pueden televisar porque no está considerado como maltrato o delito, sino como excepción cultural según algunos, diversión según otros. (Veo que sigues dolido por la derrota de ayer del Madrid, jijijijiji )

  7. I dont wish anyone who is truly sick anything but the best but I dont see any evidence from anyone that I have known personally that any of that junk works to do anything but make whatever problem they have worse or to create one and / or dependence on a drug that could be very damaging to them and their mental health but if I ever see anyone I know go on Lamotrigine and they suddenly “snap” out of their slumber and become productive instead of parasitic nothings I will come in here and say so.

  8. Nu mă miră chiar aÅŸa tare Å£inând cont că la ei se merge la saună sau jacuzzi în pielea complet goală ÅŸi la comun. Chiar ÅŸi în hotelurile sau pensiunile frecventate de turiÅŸti străni e regula asta – nu te primesc în costum de baie, eventual cu un prosop, dar în jacuzzi nu poÅ£i intra cu prosopul.. Nu mă întreba de unde ÅŸtiu ÃŽn plus mai au ÅŸi o zi iarna – nu ÅŸtiu când – când temerarii bărbaÅ£i ÅŸi femei deopotrivă ies la o tură pe pârtie dezbrăcaÅ£i total.

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  10. I try to avoid sugars on weekdays and reward myself on the weekends. But you also have to watch out for foods that have a high glycemic index like white potatoes. They are just as bad for sugar content. I now use a sugar alcohol called xylitol that tastes like sugar but doesn’t have the insulin kick and it helps prevent cavaties.

  11. « Si celui qui a lu beaucoup de livres pense que je suis un primitif parce que je n’en ai lu aucun, alors il devrait jeter tous ses livres et chercher celui qui dirait que nous sommes tous frères et sÅ“urs devant Dieu et que nous aussi avons le droit de vivre. »Belle phrase assurément.Mais on sait bien que les dieux sont tombés sur la tête.

  12. Tengo a precisare: “ottusi” e “fanatici”, così come “aggressivi”, si riferisce al loro atteggiamento in materia di politica. In altri ambiti, naturalmente, sono spesso essere persone misurate, per nulla aggressive e certamente simpatiche.Z.p.s.: Credo comunque che si tratti di una situazione transitoria, destinata a cambiare con l’uscita di scena di Berlusconi. Staremo a vedere

  13. Schappelle Corby is obviously innocent. Anybody well versed in statement analysis can see this. How would the Boogie Board bag have got through the Australian Customs looking like it did? Schappelle's only mistake was claiming ownership of the bag. It makes no economic sense to smuggle dope into Indonesia.

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  15. Norma–Enjoy your holiday!! So great being with you at the beginning of December. Gave my sister-in-law one of the scarves, which she loves!Looking forward to keeping up with you on your blog and conversations next year!!Hope to see you soon.My best,Robin

  16. believe a clarification is warranted. I would not have taken objection to the lack of critical analysis in this report were it not praising Wockhardt. Your report provides not only news (that the Ministry of Commerce, in its grand wisdom, provided Wockhardt this "award"), but also opinion (that this is a good thing). Had you only providing news in this write-up, I wouldn't have felt the need to make that comment about lack of analysis.

  17. to think about the “rhetorical dimensions” of the essays i’m reading, what exactly does that mean? I understand that i should be examining the context as well as gaining insight into the writer and his/her intended audience, but exactly what kind of response is this?

  18. I agree, JQuery is nice with Zend Framework, in my last blog post I posted about this. I find that I can return views to multiple DIV’s on the JQuery return from ZF controller.I can return Javascript data via JSON and also the HTML.. I think I will stick with JQuery and ZF.

  19. Sähköhuuhaa-allergikko:olipas hauska linkki. Oikein raikkaita argumentteja muun muassa siitä kuinka skeptikot ovat nykyajan inkvisitio. 🙂 Kyseinen väitös ei ole ensimmäinen aivopieru Oulun yliopistolta edes lähimenneisyydessä. Tälläisen menon jatkuessa sukeltaa laitoksen arvostus aika vauhtia. Siltä osin surullista.

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  21. Won’t happen even after that happens, MRW. Assuming that happens at all on a large scale and I’m decidedly not optimistic that Jewish American culture will stop blindly supporting Israel as a mainstream concept. Israelis look down on American Jews as their lieutenants. American Jews will always be the inferior officers of any Israeli. You can hear it in the way wondering jew, eee and jon talk about the US and the diaspora generally. Israelis consider themselves the ubermensch Jews, and American Jews are taught to aspire to that from very early on.

  22. “The middleclass working man either voted for Romney or voted against his class interests.”Your definition of the “middle class” is as is the rule in this country far too broad. Independent professionals (the average doctor or lawyer, some shop owners, tenured professors, etc…) are middle class (petite bourgeois.) Most Americans are wage slaves.The top 1% in net worth (>$10,000,000) are the upper class. What Marx termed the Grand Bourgeoisie is even richer than that.

  23. I personally like the handcrafted, one-of-a-kind look. I like going in the fall to look for holiday gifts. If I like their work, I like seeing the same artist- what they have done that is new, etc. I wish I was in the area so I could see your show! Best of luck.

  24. Clotthe food stamp numbers are good for seeing how many people are really going under in relative terms. Probably less rigged the unemployment—Hyde,Any idea what the income level is for going on food stamps? Maybe I qualify. I would consider a ‘mini-bailout’.

  25. Well, Oregonians, sounds like you’re gearing up to follow CA and OH’s lead to pass legislation to keep nonviolent felons out of prison, just be prepared for the judicial backlash.

  26. You cant ever tell your good motives whenever you just read and observe from a viewers viewpoint, that’s unless you give a positive comment like this one! Great job my friend.

  27. Sur ESPN, en Amérique latine, ils ont le choix entre les commentaires en espagnol et en anglais ! Peut-être un jour, Eurosport (ou Canal +), non, je rêve…Erreur de jugement de Stosur à la volée, la balle était bonne…

  28. evom disse:Daniel,Todos os modelos de shape e truck citados por você são muito bons e top de linha. Meu gosto é bem específico e não sei dizer qual é o melhor pra você. Sempre digo para a galera que comenta aqui que, o ideal é testar um modelo antes de comprar um. Se você já teve experiência com algum desses modelos, fique com o que mais lhe agradou. Se ainda não testou, teoricamente qualquer um será uma boa escolha.Abs.

  29. «o filme acaba com os quatro personagens juntos caminhando numa estrada (talvez a da vida)… numa “estrada abarrotada de dificuldades”» – gostei muito, Anastasia!De facto, apreciei bastante a forma como iniciaste esta reflexão e como a concluíste! Tal como achei deveras interessante a tua abordagem a este tema (referiste a Amnistia Internacional, os dogmas da Igreja Católica Romana…).Está excelente!! Contudo, gostava que tivesses desenvolvido mais a tua opinião acerca deste assunto, a homossexualidade. Fiquei curiosa! ehehehBeijinho

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  36. I would like to request a second point of order. Two people have brought up the higher incidence of STD’s among homosexual males.Aside from having nothing to do with Ken’s argument regarding Menino, what exactly is the point there? STD rates are higher among most minority groups. Are you saying they deserve them? Cause them? Should be discriminated against, because of them?I’m very confused by why that is being brought up and hopeful that it is not just an attempt to vilify a group of individuals in the vain hope that it will make an argument against mistreating them seem valid.

  37. Soigne-toi bien Capucine! C’est déjà incroyable que tu arrives à faire tout ça en même temps, on ne te tiendra pas rigueur de ton temps à répondre… Contrairement à d’autes blogueuses, tu continues à faire toujours autant d’articles sur ton blog toi au moins 😉 gros bisous et le maquillage est très joli, à privilégier en soirée pour moi.

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  45. The therapist was being paid by the parents, not by the child – sadly, that is possibly the reason.I'd like to be wrong about this, but i also assume she was not in therapy because she needed it (and yes, she did..), but because the parents wanted the therapist to “fix” her. Neglectful parents do not send the child to therapy to help the child, but to help themselves. They usually believe the child is the problem.

  46. Thank You! Too many people put “reporting” and “data warehousing” under the same umbrella. I’m a data warehouse developer. I build data models, write ETL processes, and do some front end reporting against these data models. I do not write your “last 5 days of errors” report, or your “order detail” report.

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  49. 03 Aug 20, 2007 11:35 am My friends aren’t into theatre, but I have a blast going to plays. Ya know, the theatre social group is a great idea. I’ll have to check around to see if there’s something like that. It would be nice to meet guys who share my odd interests.

  50. Jackie,I’ve had the same sort of surprising and confounding results. Several posts I thought would do very well sort of crashed and burned. One which I did just for the heck of it and posted on a whim has about 9,000 hits. I have enjoyed all of your postings immensely. The thing I love most is your ability and willingness to speak frankly, directly, bluntly and from the heart!Keep it up and I’ll keep reading,Yoni

  51. YES. If it's not finding a babysitter, little Timmy will have a cold, or need to get to soccer practice, or there's a kid's event that they and their other childed friends are attending.Luckily for me, my close circle of friends have decided against having children. I think that's part of why we gravitated to each other hah. All of us have tales of lost friends to children.

  52. Thanks for a great post. I often write with gratitude, my journal is a long standing witness to this practise of mine. Sometimes when I do feel the need to vent, I switch to a separate diary. This way, I can also see that how little has been scribbled in the vent book and how wonderfully my gratitude journals are flowing. This keep things in perspective.

  53. One could almost come to the conclusion that you feel sorry for Europe, Greenfield 🙂 Why would Cameron raise the Armenien genocide with Erdogen, (as if that is something out of the ordinary in Europe, the continent is built upon genocide) when he didn't raise the Indian genocide with Obama?

  54. Naum did you look at the statistics at all or did you just write the comment? Note first of all that this is employment over all sectors. Also note that these statistics are across all of “science and engineering.” Computer programming does not equal “science and engineering” last time I looked.

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  56. This perpetual cry of pay up or we'll have to let the cops and firefighters go is of course a well known mafia tactic, pay protection or your place burns down and someone will break your kneecaps. The odd thing is if you go through federal and local government figures you will find that approx. 7% of all employees are those two . There are twice as many postal employees in the country as there are firefighters.I have yet to hear dire warnings that they will have to be let go.

  57. Auch mich beschäftigt die Frage, wie es weitergehen soll nach der Volksabstimmung. Ich habe hier gestern einen längeren Beitrag dazu geschrieben unter der Rubrik: Blog. Stuttgart21: Hat die Polizei eine Straftat ermöglicht und dabei rechtswidrig Bürgerrecht missachtet? ( hier zu finden bei Twittermeldungen).

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  62. I enjoyed watching your presentation, and I breathe and sigh of relief that Im not the only one in the universe that makes mistakes or sometimes get it wrong. Seems as though, we as women, are created with a sense of guilt embedded in our brains, that maybe we shouldnt try to achieve our dreams, or something is wrong with us because we ARE dreamers. More power to the women that push through negativity and obtain what they want!!!!!

  63. unabashed marilyn manson love <3 i remember sneaking onto mtv.com at school to vote for his videos to be on TRL and then racing home after school to see if it did! mall goth years. great memories. ps did i tell you how good you look with your baby bangs?

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  67. Maybe it’s because your entire argument hinges on a very broad interpretation of that Kimmel quote, and in that of the definition of “violence” (apparently) being so inclusive as to lose all meaning, but it sounds more and more like you’re trying to shoehorn alternative and unrelated arguments into the hegemony of your thesis.With which I find it very important to point out that Kimmel’s quote doesn’t mention sex or its relationship to violence at all.

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  69. I found Deepa Kumar very thoughtful and thought provoking, but one line stood out as “imbalanced” and “unthoughtful”.“If this justification was used by Cromer, an out and out sexist, over a century ago, George Bush who is no less of a sexist used the same argument again in the context of the Afghan war.”George Bush’s use of arguments similar to Cromer’s were in all probability cynical, but to call George Bush “no less of a sexist”, would have to be backed up by some sort of quotations or policy decisions to be considered anything but glib and false.

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  71. Glayson,Julian Assange é o criador do Wikileaks e um dos homens mais odiados do mundo, por revelar segredos dos bastidores do poder mundial.O vídeo está aqui no blog pela importância que Julian Assange representa ao mundo livre que queremos, onde as grandes organizações não tenham segredos. Espero que tenha gostado do vídeo e do blog.Abraços

  72. Originally, of course, the Constitution was not a sacred text, but a signed by the states. The idea that it established the US as a “nation” is about as authentic as the Donation of Constantine.It’s also interesting to note the increasing attention paid to the Declaration of Independence, which (since Jefferson wrote it) was a very nicely-written document, but was fundamentally a press release. It’s typical of the decline of formalism that these two texts are now venerated on the same plane.

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  75. Beth-First off Congrats on your beautiful (I am sure) baby boy Evan Ryan, which is a beautiful name!I am so sorry your delivery was so rough and that little Evan is having a hard time right now. I will pray for his and yours fast recovery! I hope you 2 are together real soon and you are able to find comfort in breastfeeding, touching and holding him. I will continue to watch for updates. Many prayers coming your way!Sandra Was this answer helpful?

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